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eBS Cloud

 All the Software and None of the IT

eBS was one of the first Software Companies in the Equipment Distribution Industry to have an Internet solution through our Next for Windows Unix Application Service Provider (ASP). This allowed us to maintain our clients' business systems for them and save them the hassle.

We are continuing this advancement, with our eBS Cloud, which allows clients to access our Next For Windows Solution without the headache of managing the IT that comes with an in-house server.  We will maintain the system for you.

We designed and built our eBS Cloud's infrastructure to offer the highest level of resiliency, security, performance and service available on the market today.

Why Host Your Application with eBS ? 

Because we have the technical expertise and experience to handle complex systems transitions, management and support. That leaves you and your team free to run your business profitably. 

Our Low Monthly Fee includes... 

  • No Server to Buy or Maintain

  • No Microsoft Server Licenses to Buy

  • Use of the Most Current Version of Next for Windows

  • Round-the-Clock Support

  • Software Updates

  • System Back up and Administration

  • Data Server Hardware & Operating System Maintenance

  • Automatic Manufacturer Price Updates

  • Cost to Employ a System Administrator

  • Media for Backup and Storage

  • 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year Technical Support


The eBS Cloud is only reserved for our clients alone and resides in an elevated data center Atlanta, Georgia with a failover location in an elevated center in the UK - both with redundant power and communications connections to ensure that your business is always up running, even in the face of adversity.