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Established in 1964, eBS Mechdata Corp., headquartered in Houston, Texas; provides leading edge Equipment Business Management Software technology for equipment companies across all Equipment Industries.

Through refined real-world business logic and engineered processes, leading edge technology, innovative features, and dedicated industry professionals, eBS delivers the highest level of performance, profitability, and control to each of our customers. For these reasons, eBS proves to be the Equipment Distribution industry’s software leader; past, present and future.

Next Software is designed to provide your business with real-time and accurate information relating to all of your business activities. All areas of the solution are fully interactive and current to allow instant access to information necessary for control and decision support at all levels of your organization.

The Next solution is a real-time, turnkey, all inclusive package specifically designed for Equipment Companies.

Like you, we specialize in Equipment. Our services include the best data conversion in the industry, installation, training, 24/7/365 support, and frequent updates - all from a highly trained staff, who know first-hand the specific challenges faced by dealers, renters, parts, and service professionals.


As with your company, eBS is successful due to the quality of its people.  Since 1964, we have set the standard by providing unequaled 360° Business Management Systems to equipment companies.

eBS understands …  the importance of constant research and development.  This ongoing effort has given us an extensive product line spanning the entire range of dealership needs.  Our 53 years of experience, added to our strong working relationship with manufacturers, qualifies us to supply comprehensive systems to equipment distributors.

eBS acknowledges … a system investment will yield an appropriate return only if implemented with excellent training and quality support.  We have built a training staff with equipment distributorship backgrounds to ensure successful installations.  Backed by a qualified customer service group, these professionals work with your staff through all phases of the learning process.  We realize that your personnel must become confident, and that this confidence is gained through a smooth, well organized transition to the new system.

eBS is committed …  to maintaining standard-setting products through continuous R & D and ongoing staff development.  These efforts make both eBS and our customers successful.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship.


The eBS Team includes leaders from the point of sale, computing, and equipment distribution industries. The core group has worked together for over 15 years. This gives them a depth of experience developing, implementing, and supporting software solutions for equipment distributors.They work hard to give eBS customers what they want and need to prosper.


  The following eBS executive personnel are ready to help you today:

  • Ron Rogers  - President and COO

  • Jay Spencer - Vice President, Development and Software Support

  • Sheila Loomer - Chief Financial Officer