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1964: EBS Data Processing founded headquarters Denver, CO


Caterpillar and other equipment dealers would fill out forms e.g. parts and equipment sales, work orders, cash receipts, and vendor payments. The dealers would either send the forms to EBS for data processing or the dealer would key punch the data on to magnetic tape and transmit it to EBS. EBS would process the information and send reports back to the dealers so they would know their inventory status, cash position, and financials.


1974: EBS was purchased by Mechdata Corporation headquarters Houston, TX


1981: EBS released the A System, which ran on DEC PDP 11 Series hardware and RSTS operating system


1984:  EBS released the B System a lower cost system for smaller dealers


1988: EBS relocates to Houston, TX


1992: EBS released Next, which ran on IBM RS6000 (UNIX) the first real-time business system designed specifically for equipment dealers.


1992-1997:  EBS converted all customers to Next.


2001: EBS released Next for Windows 1.0 the first Microsoft Windows based business system user interface designed specifically for equipment distributors. It used the legacy AIX database.


2005: EBS released Next for Windows 2.0 and Field Service Mobile Client


2007: EBS released Next for Windows 3.0 with Microsoft SQL database support


2012: Mechdata Corporation founder Bill Jones retires and Ron Rogers is named President and Chief Operating Officer


2013: EBS released eSearch an HTML5 application for searching Equipment Inventory availability from any web browser


2015: EBS released Customer Self Service Portal the first of several web, iOS and Android mobile applications


2016: EBS released Quote to Sale and eSign web and mobile applications


2017: EBS releases CRMobile, eCount, and Kiosk mobile applications