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Remote Real-Time Updates, Accurate Documentation, And Overall Costs And Time Savings


2 p.m. - 3 p.m. CST




Time Duration:  1 Hour

Field Service Mobile Application is a fully integrated part of the Next Software which connects technicians remotely with your offices in real-time. Using iOS, Android or Windows devices, technicians in the field see relevant information for service work orders assigned to them electronically. They are able to access such information as preventative maintenance schedules for the equipment at the customer’s location, service history, and detailed service call information.


Dispatcher’s logs stay connected with all updates from technicians as they happen, even utilizing GPS capabilities, all via existing mobile broadband networks. No more antiquated paper-based work orders or the waiting game of collecting information via radio or cell phone, often on customer’s time. An additional plus is the removal of doubts involving deciphering jotted notes in the field.


Technicians maintain and update necessary information: labor, materials, parts, work order notes, mileage, even taking necessary pictures and having customers electronically sign and email documents and marketing materials; while they are in the field. This eliminates the burden of manual processes such as: time entry, filing, and paper flow that can overwhelm your business.


Back at the dispatching location, completed work, checklist, and signature can be viewed, edited, closed, and invoiced. There are no more delays waiting for paper-based work orders to arrive and be entered. The paperless system saves clerical time, standardizes notes and legibility, increases customer satisfaction, reduces work in process, and speeds cash flow.



  • Mobile and Wireless Capabilities

  • Ability to Take, Store & Email Pictures

  • Electronically Sign & Email Documents

  • Email Marketing & Promotional Materials

  • Records Technician Locations through GPS

  • Response Time Monitoring

  • View Dispatch Calls

  • View PM and Work Order History

  • View Rental Units at Customer Site

  • Bar Code Scanning

  • Parts & Labor Entry

  • Built-in Spell Check

  • Ability to Pre-Load Notes

  • Automatic Labor Calculation

  • Parts Locator

  • Equipment Inquiries

  • Electronic PM & Work Orders

  • Ability to Check Credit

  • Automatic Van Stock Replenishment

  • Real Time, Fully Integrated Parts, Service & Accounting

Open up for a Q&A Session upon completion of webinar.