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Why Equipment Dealers and Rental Companies Should Get in the E-Commerce Game Now

The Misconception:

E-commerce is unnecessary in the construction and material handling equipment industries.

The Fact:

That’s just not true anymore. And that idea isn’t just on its way out. It’s already gone. E-commerce is part of how the world does business now, and that includes construction equipment, specialty equipment, industrial equipment and lift truck dealers.

Here’s why your business needs to get into the e-commerce game now if you want to stay competitive in today’s market.

Expand Your Client Base

The B2B marketplace has changed in recent years. It is now younger and online. In fact, millennials are now officially the largest workforce in the country, which means they’re also very often your primary buyers now. And millennials do most of their shopping online.

This can seem like a worrying shift, but it’s also an important opportunity to make it easier for your potential customers to find you. Being available for online sales gives your clients greater flexibility. You’re still there to help if they need someone to walk them through the process from start to finish, but they’re also able to handle that process on their own if preferred, and contact you when they’ve already made a decision about what they need.

Better-Inform Your Customers

By the time most B2B buyers reach out to a business, they generally already have a good idea of what they need. That means the clients you attract online are better educated and are actually closer to making a final decision than your traditional brick-and-mortar clientele.

E-commerce clients still need someone knowledgeable who can talk them through pricing, availability, delivery times, and answer their specific questions. But they don’t need a 101 the way all customers used to.

Show the World that You are a Player in Your Industry

Amazon isn’t just a place to buy books or consumer products anymore. Now, a lot of B2B commerce happens there, too.

That’s how you know where the B2B industry is shifting – even the major players are getting in on it. Suppliers need to act fast to compete. If your business isn’t prepared to offer e-commerce, you’re setting yourself up to fall by the wayside as Amazon and other big online companies take your place. Businesses who hesitate to begin directly selling online risk losing the opportunity altogether to a massive, already-established operation.

Even if most of your business still takes place face-to-face, you still want to make sure you’re known as the type of company that is keeping up with the times. It projects a positive image to your clients and prospects.

Let Buyers Research Your Business Before Buying

Your ecommerce site isn’t just a place for your customers to buy from you. It’s also a place to showcase your happy customers, get your brand out there, drive traffic to your website, and let your potential customers know who and where you are.

You probably check a product’s reviews before you make a purchase. If you’re looking into hiring someone, you will ask around about them before extending an offer. Well, customers do the same thing. Your e-commerce site is the perfect place to showcase your best features. It’s not just a place to make sales. It’s a place to win over your customers.

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