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Next Software
Equipment Business Software Solutions

Software for Equipment Dealers, Heavy Machinery Dealers, Material Handling and Lift Truck Dealers,  Distributors, Equipment Service and Equipment Rental Companies

Take your business to the NEXT level


Next Software
Equipment Business Software Solutions - Integrated ERP

  • Financial, Accounting & Full Reporting Capabilities 

  • Purchasing Control

  • Parts & Equipment Inventory

  • Service & Warranty

  • Field Service Dispatching & Automation

  • Trucking & Transportation Management

  • Barcoding

  • Sales Central

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Rental Fleet Management

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Operational Dashboards

  • Business Intelligence

  • GPS & Telematics

Accounting System

The eBS Next Accounting System is the most comprehensive on the market. A complete, robust, drill down accounting system that is simply the best in the business.

Using Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP), eBS’ Accounting System enables you to meet greater accounting demands, while supplying every department with the real-time information required for optimal performance. Effortlessly export financial information into Excel, Access, XML, and other reporting tools with the touch of a key.

eBS’ Accounting System provides the solution to your financial management requirements while improving productivity, profits and customer service. It provides your company with a vital competitive edge.

Achieve accurate forecasting with detailed, professionally-presented, customizable financials. Our drill down financials allow you to know exactly where your money is going and precisely where it came from. Accounting image files allow for the storage and retrieval of scanned documents, PDF’s, photos and more for a more streamlined paperless environment with added savings in related expense and storage space.


  • General Ledger

  • Integrated, Real-Time

  • Financial, Accounting & Full Reporting Capabilities 

  • Drill Down Capabilities

  • Multi-Company

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

Accounting System

Purchasing System

The eBS Next Purchasing System is also by far the most comprehensive in the industry and is fully integrated to Accounts Payable.  Moreover, it also contains a unique built-in feature that allows the Purchasing System to be used as a stand-alone system if desired, or you can choose to have it completely integrated with other areas within the system.

Our Purchasing System can be used to write POs for everything from office supplies to equipment. There are four different categories available when creating a purchase order; General, Shop (linked to an open work order segment), Parts, and Equipment. Once opened, a purchase order can be modified as often as you like, and transmitted electronically, faxed, or emailed, all without printing a single piece of paper.

The Purchasing System allows for partial receipts, and for the printing of a receiver each time. This document interfaces with Accounts Payable, and the user is alerted if the purchase price does not equal the received price.

  • Interfaced to Parts and Equipment Inventory

  • Interfaced to Service Management

  • Assign Attributes and Costs to Equipment at PO Creation

  • Automatic Assignment of PO Numbers  

  • Allows for Receipt of Partial Shipments

  • Easily Track Open POs

  • Easily Track Expected Receipts

  • Online Stock Order Analysis and PO Creation


Inventory Systems

The eBS Next Parts Inventory System helps your company improve profitability, both by controlling inventory levels and by processing customer orders more quickly and efficiently. Maintain a high degree of customer service while increasing inventory turns and controlling inventory investment. All information on the system is geared to your requirements. It is available on stocked and non-stocked parts including descriptions, usage, fill percentages, locations, availability and more.

This means that you can accurately assess and manage stocking policy and effectively reduce the number of emergency back-orders. In addition, where appropriate, the system will generate parts stock orders for all central and virtual warehouses, branches and vans.

The Parts Inventory System also fully supports the use of Replaced, Superseded, Kits, and Parts images.

  • Inventory Management Levels

  • Inventory and Order Analysis

  • Physical Inventory

  • Cycle Count

  • Electronic Purchase Order Transmission

  • Central and Virtual Warehouse

  • Parts cross reference, superseded and replaced parts

  • Alternate Vendor Sourcing

  • On demand Management Reports

  • Kits

  • Parts Images

eCount Icon.jpg

The eBS Next Equipment Inventory System provides  a comprehensive financial ledger that shows cost and revenue on every piece of equipment for life, across ownership. Equipment sales and rentals are simplified by a series of easy-to-access online functions.

For sales and rentals, multiple purchase options are supported; short and long-term arrangements are allowed with automated cycle-billing.

The Equipment Inventory System also assists you by instantly verifying credit levels, calculating payment schedules, setting up agreement details; even determining allowances for trade-ins and automatically setting them up in inventory. All sales and rental transactions initiate the billing process automatically. You can also utilize the Equipment Inventory System to determine payout amounts, develop rental purchase agreements, and make rental conversion calculations.

The system has provisions to facilitate equipment ordering and receiving via the purchasing system. With extensive reporting capabilities, the Equipment Inventory System gives management access to complete inventory, analysis and sales forecast reports essential for accurate decision-making. Information is available to members of every department for quick response, improved service standards, better equipment utilization and higher equipment profitability. Any transaction that affects the value of the asset is logged into the master file and remains there for the life of the machine.

Equipment images allow you to save BOM, photos of the actual piece, model pictures, and more.

  • Equipment Ordering and Receiving

  • On-line Inquiries

  • Assignable Attributes

  • Complete Acquisition Information

  • Multiple Depreciation Methods

  • Preventative Maintenance Schedules by Machine 

  • Tracks Attachments

  • Tracks Financial Data for Main Unit with Attachments and without 

  • Financial Summary by Machine

Inventory System

Rental, Sales, & Equipment
Order Management

The eBS Next Order Entry System allows you to streamline the entire counter process to sell parts, supplies, equipment, rentals, miscellaneous, and labor all on the same order.

The order process is facilitated as the system validates orders, checks customer credit, determines inventory availability and updates the on-hand quantity with each transaction, in real time.

The power, efficiency, and effectiveness of Order Entry comes from its ability to do all functions without returning to menus. It is quick and easy to use, allowing maximum utilization of the system with a minimum amount of time and effort.

  • Perform All Sales Functions on One Screen

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Multiple Search Features

  • Real Time Invoicing

  • Integrated Branch Transfer

  • Quantity Discounting

  • Quotes and Quote to Order

  • Flexible Matrix Discounting

  • Contract and Promotional Pricing

  • Line Item and Order Level Lost Sales Tracking

  • Suggested sales pop-ups

  • Customer Comments

  • Automatic Back Order Creation

  • Manage Back Order Priorities Automatically

  • Add Cash Customers on the Fly

  • Add Parts to Inventory Master on the Fly

  • Automatic Sourcing of Parts

  • Website Integration

  • Replaced, Superseded, and Substitute Parts

Order Managemet

Service Management

The eBS Next Service Management System handles the service order process and is essential to your success. This enables distributors to effectively handle and dispatch work order requests and manage the critical information related to this area of your business. It has evolved to accommodate new technology and demands affecting distributors, such as field service automation and electronic time management. The system is designed to generate work orders and provide access to all work in process at the touch of a key, providing analysis by work order and by mechanic. In addition, instantaneous gross profit information is provided for all jobs, opened or closed.

Available features include price, back-order status, expected completion dates, flat rate vs. actual, actual vs. estimated amount and more. Furthermore, sophisticated preventive, guaranteed, and other scheduled maintenance management systems are loaded with features to help manage and maintain your rental fleet and customer owned equipment. It keeps track of all time and dollars spent on each machine, giving you the operating cost per hour at any time.

  • Dispatch and Service Call Management 

  • Automatic Van Stock Replenishment 

  • Fully Integrated with Invoicing, Parts, Rental, Receivables, G/L, Equipment and Marketing

  • Credit Check at Work Order Open, Parts Requisition, and Work Order Close 

  • Detailed or Summary On Line Work in Process Inquiry 

  • Recurring Jobs Close and Reopen Automatically

  • Work Orders may be opened in Segments. Each Segment may be Quoted, Estimated, and Billed Separately to different customers

  • Portions or All of a Segment may be transferred and/or Re-priced

  • Jobs modification any time before closed

  • Easy one step Close and Re-open

  • Flat Rating​

  • Standard Parts Pull List 

  • ​Work Order Cloning

  • Work Orders Archived for later Retrieval

  • Mobile and Wireless Capabilities 

Service Management

CRM Management

The eBS Next CRM Management System allows for one integrated location to give your sales staff to log and track their dealings with clients as well as access vital information on their equipment and needs.

The eBS CRM System not only reports on your customers, it provides a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of your sales force. The system tracks prospects within any defined territory and allows for split sales and territories.

The eBS CRM System is integrated with the Parts, Service, Customer, and General Ledger Systems. Today’s Market is highly competitive and any effective marketing strategy is greatly dependent upon the quality of the comprehensive information available.

  • Sales Analysis by Territory, Salesperson, Customer, and Product

  • Customer Machine Population for Equipment Supported, Competitive or Both Integrated to Service and Order Entry

  • Call List by Salesperson for a Selected Period, Date, Type of Call, and Notes from Previous Calls are displayed

  • Sales Management Reports for Calls not made on Schedule

  • Multiple Salesperson Assignment for Customers and Prospects

  • Prospect Information includes: Marketing Division, Contact Information, Territory, Sales Call PAR, Open Date, Last Call Date and Sales Person, Unlimited Contact Names, and Notes

  • Equipment Population Information by Customer includes: Division, Manufacturer, Serial Number, Inventory Group Number, Size, Dealer, Power Codes, Model, Equipment Type, Manufacture Date, Date Entered, Own or Leased, and Notes

  • Reports: Machine Populations, Competitive Sales Analysis, Call Analysis, Campaigns, Letters, Mailing Labels, Salesperson Call History, Customer Ranking, and Sales Person Itinerary

  • Mobile and Wireless Capabilities

  • Equipment Image File for Photos, Scanned Documents, Brochures, PDF’s, etc. 

CRM Management

Rental Fleet Management

The eBS Next Rental Fleet Management System prepares rental agreements, cyclical invoices, and accumulates all maintenance expenses for the life of the machine across ownership.

Rental utilization by days and dollars is available at the touch of a key and can be evaluated by group, product, model, or individual unit. 

It is a rare occurrence to find two companies that do business exactly alike. With this in mind, eBS has built in flexibility allowing you to tailor the system around your specific needs, without having to write new programs. As such, our Rental System is designed with the end user in mind; keeping it fast, simple, and easy to use.


  • Utilization and Profitability Reporting

  • Reservation Conflict Alert

  • Buy-Out Calculations by Machine

  • Tracks Equipment Financing and Notes Payable

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Rental History by Customer and Machine

  • Commission Reporting

  • Service History

  • Maintenance Alert

  • PM Scheduling

  • Flexible Pricing Parameters

  • Multiple Machines on the Same Agreement

  • Partial Returns

  • Serialized and Non-Serialized Rentals

  • Liability Disclaimers

  • Damage Waivers

  • Equipment Image File for Photos, Scanned Documents, etc.

  • Excessive Use/Abuse Rebilling

  • Automatic Rate Adjustments

  • Cyclical Billing

  • Flexible Overtime Billing

  • Delivery and Pick up Tickets

  • Cash Box Control

  • Rental Purchase Conversions

  • Credit Checking

  • Automatic Calculation of Return Settlement

  • On Line Equipment Status

  • Rental Quotes

  • Rental Income and Depreciation: distributed to the Main Unit and Attachments

  • Cash and Credit Card 

Rental Fleet Management

Truck and Transportation

The Transportation and Trucking System provides real-time full integration to Rental, Equipment, and Service system logs. It also easily tracks all equipment delivery and pick up requests throughout the distributorship.

Transportation manager can choose the carrier and truck. GPS coordinates can be integrated into your system to give you maximum control of your fleet. The system is also able to estimate the delivery date, dispatch truck, and print out a delivery or pick up bill of lading.

  • Print Delivery/Pick-up Bill of Lading​

  • Service Level

  • Priority Settings

  • Branch Transfers

  • Dispatch

  • Mapping

  • Maintain “Ship to” addresses

  • Real time

  • Integrated to Equipment Branch Transfer

  • Request Transportation

  • Equipment Sales

  • Trade Ins

  • Rental Delivery

  • Rental Pickup

  • Rental Return

  • Service

  • Pick up / Delivery

Truck and Transportation

Warranty Tracking

The eBS Next Warranty Tracking System allows you to track warranties: both your own warranties and those of manufacturers.

Warranty Tracking logs warranty submissions, approved claims, and the difference in these amounts. It also creates and, in many cases, digitally submit the claim to your manufacturers. 

Bringing the knowledge needed to make decisions on parts to use, manufacturers to represent, profits, technician efficiency, virtually every area of your business benefits from this key information.

  • Tracks Warranty In House

  • Tracks Manufacturer Warranty

  • Reports Warranty and Differential

  • Report on Warranty Efficiency

  • Creates Warranty Claim

  • Often Digitally Submits Warranty Claim

  • Tracks Number of Submissions

  • Tracks Submission Rate

  • Tracks Technician

  • Tracks Component Code

  • Tracks Failure Code

  • Tracks Detail

  • Tracks Notes 

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