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Your Next for Windows Equipment Business System is probably the most important system in your organization.  It basically runs your entire organization.

Having an educated workforce is essential for it will greatly increase efficiency, save you time and money, and keep you abreast on new features included in current and future versions.

Our trainers have decades of experience so put their knowledge and industry experience to work for you.  

Training is offered both on-premise or online.  

Benefits of Ongoing System Training

A Well Educated Workforce is a Productive Workforce


1. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

This is one of the strongest reasons to invest in continuing education for your dealership. It is a simple concept: the more a person becomes skilled at using our software, the more work that can be done in less time. This can create a cascading effect for your organization where efficiencies gained in one area or department can inform and positively affect other business segments. This Gartner Research study asserts that for every 1 hours spent on employee training, 5 hours of productivity are saved per year.


2. Employee Retention

They are not pursuing job satisfaction — they are pursuing development. Purpose and development drive all generations. Showing ALL of your organization's employees that you are willing to invest in them with professional development is an effective way to improve employee retention, especially with the generation shift in workforce that you are experiencing.


3. Cross-training and Coverage

Another effective means of using training to improve your organization is through the lens of cross-training. How many times have you come across a situation in your office where a task needs to be done, but the lone person that knows how to complete is out sick or on vacation (or even worse, has left the organization)? Making sure that roles in your company have at least one "backup person" make your organization much more resistant to delays in tasks and projects.


Cross-training your employees also can help employees themselves move up their career path. Acting as an "understudy" in a role in your organization is a great way to facilitate promotions and role changes, which both make positive impacts on overall organizational morale.


4. Reduced Costs

Besides increasing productivity, increased job proficiency through continuing education can also lead to reduced costs. This can be realized through multiple scenarios:


  • Can get more work down with the same number of employees

  • Fewer mistakes that require re-work

  • Less employee turnover

  • Reduced downtime (fewer problems)


5. Passion and Purpose

Fostering a culture of software understanding is a critical piece to getting the most out of your software investment.

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