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How are Mobile Apps Responsible for Driving Field Service Efficiency?

Digital technology is being embraced by businesses and companies around the world, and utility field service organizations are no exception. In today’s market, companies that provide mobile service to their customers need an advanced system to modernize and automate their daily tasks.

From scheduling to invoicing, mobile field service apps cover everything. By connecting technicians to the main office and tracking fuel and other expenses, mobile field service apps like FSMobile by eBS are reenergizing the field service business with added speed and efficiency.

Making Things Easier

When a technician receives a new project, they need real-time stats to get the job done. They need ready access to customer data, previous work history, customer or job location, access to inventory and more. They require this information in hand while moving in the field from one job to the next. Specially-designed mobile applications like FSMobile by eBS provide the necessary support.

Everything that your technician might need is provided on demand, digitally on their own device of choice or convenience. This ensures the efficiency of the workplace and provides synchronization in project completion.

Ease and Sophistication

Ease of use and sophistication of functional design is where mobile apps like FSMobile truly shine. These mobile apps are automated – which means that they stay on in the background, and automatically alert when any notification, management or repair arises. Once a project is assigned to the technician, the Field Service mobile application will activate and notify the technician directly about the job on that technicians' device.

When the technician gives the green light, the device automatically receives the coordinates on screen and uses the latest GPS technology to map and present the most direct route to the customer site. This type of ease and efficiency is not possible without specialized mobile apps like FSMobile.

Real-Time Communications

Another factor that influences field services efficiency is real-time communication between technician and office or home base.

By using the real-time communication feature inside the FSMobile Field Service mobile application, the technician can contact the office immediately to clarify or discuss any given problems or issues as they arise. This feature saves time, and also helps circumvent disruptions in mobile calling service or call quality on the road or at customer site.

Last Minute Changes in Schedule

Instant notification and direct communications within your FSMobile app can easily minimize and even eliminate the pain and disruption of any last-minute schedule or work updates.

The automatic scheduling system within the mobile app can assist the service manager or dispatcher in making better decisions about which replacement to send. These advanced programs also show real-time stats of the workers: who is free right now and which employee is currently the closest to the customer's location. With the help of Field Service mobile applications, problems related to scheduling and locations can be solved easily and with minimal disruptions to service delivery and productivity.


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