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5 Reasons your Equipment Business Needs a Digitalized Field Service Solution

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

eBS Field Service Mobile Application for Equipment Dealers and Rental Companies.

Any heavy equipment or material handling or rental business looking to maximize outcomes should consider integrating digital field service solutions into its technology portfolio.

Let’s have a look at the top five reasons why a heavy equipment, construction equipment, material handling company, lift truck dealer or distributor or rental business requires a modern and unified technology solution:

1) Create a workflow process that actually works

If you are dependent on a paper-based process to run your equipment business operation, it can and will eventually become challenging for you to keep track of the workflow. It results in confusion, inaccuracy, and even flawed bookkeeping – all of which will impact every area of the business. The same is true if you are using a patchwork approach with manually created files or generic office suite software.

Alternatively, changing over to a specialized digital process ("digitalization") enables you to streamline and automate the workflow process. It will prioritize the service calls, as well as assign and dispatch the team of technicians to their designated locations for ensuring the completion of the jobs. Once you have the new process in place, the software will do much of the work for you and that work will be done quickly with high accuracy. You cannot expect the same outcomes from a paper-based or manual process. A digitalized field service solution helps create a workflow that actually works.

2) Schedule in real-time to maximize the day

When handling an equipment business, a manager often has to deal with endless paperwork and administrative tasks. All of which are challenging to track and maintain. In fact, laborious manual recordkeeping is a big waste of time in a field service operation. With a digitalized, automated field service solution, service managers and dispatchers can use the integrated scheduling feature in the app to sort, prioritize, and capture service requests for dispatching the field service staff quickly and effectively.

Moreover, a digital solution helps managers monitor and locate the jobs of the technicians, as well as with supervising arrival, job progress and correct completion according to established procedures. For instance, if a technician is running late due to traffic or other reasons, managers can use a digitalized field service solution for rescheduling the technicians on the fly, according to which available employee is closest to take the job based on GPS data.

3) Lets you focus on your customers

In today’s world, customers expect and appreciate excellent customer service from their vendors and service providers. These high expectations can and should be satisfied with prompt, exceptional field services.

Adapting to a digital solution shows that you have fast and accurate access to the customer’s information, and that you can easily track your customers, and provide them with information to track you in order to win their satisfaction and trust. It allows a business to utilize and respond with the service history of the customers, and it helps with respecting their contracts, keeping the pertinent expiration dates in mind and at hand.

4) Empowers your technicians with mobile apps

Using digitalized field service solutions allows you to remain in contact with your team at all times. Field service mobile apps stay connected with your business databases – which in turn provides your staff with essential information in real time. This includes technician and job locations by GPS, van or shop inventory, and customer service history.

5) Get paid quicker

Generating invoices hours or days after the fact creates delays and possible errors in invoice amounts or payments. Automated, on-time billing and payment via a digital field service solution gets you and your business paid quicker.


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