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Professional Services

Custom Software Development

By selecting a Software Partner who can develop Customizable Software Solutions, according to your current business practices, and with our Dealer Driven Software Development as well as our ability to stay ahead of the technological curve are all what really distinguishes us from the rest of the competition.  eBS is not a "one size fits all" software solution.

How does eBS do this?  We start out by building a relationship, getting to know you and your business, inside and out, understanding where your pains are and what you're looking for out of a new business system.



eBS takes Customer Support very seriously, and we pride ourselves in offering the highest level of support in the industry. Our Support Group assists customers around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  


Data Conversion

Since 1964, eBS has mastered the Data Conversion and Training Process for new clients.

 We have been successfully converting competitor systems over to eBS for decades.

You need a software partner who has an experienced Project Management and Training Team, who can provide Seamless Data Conversion experience with minimal transition pain, and who will be there for you and your team even after the conversion process is completed. 


eBS is the trusted choice for equipment companies. 



When you partner with eBS, your company becomes a member of our personalized Customer Support Program. This is a targeted analysis of your needs, assistance with specifications, on-site implementation support, and customized training.  

Data Conversion
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