By selecting a Software Partner who can develop Customizable Software Solutions, according to your current business practices, and with our Dealer Driven Software Development as well as our ability to stay ahead of the technological curve are all what really distinguishes us from the rest of the competition.  eBS is not a "one size fits all" software solution.

How does eBS do this?  We start out by building a relationship, getting to know you and your business, inside and out, understanding where your pains are and what you're looking for out of a new business system.

From there, we move forward through the evaluation period, which includes high level and extensive departmental software demonstrations, extensive question and answer sessions, and software system reinforcement and follow up.

Then, after one of our project managers visits your location, meeting with all stakeholders and gathering all data sources, we are able to develop a Customizable Business Software System utilizing our full team of developers, all based in Houston, Texas.

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