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What Makes a Successful Dealership Management Software Conversion?

Converting your equipment dealership management software can feel like a daunting task. ERP business software is one of the things that keeps your business operating day to day, so changing to a different system is always complex. But it doesn’t have to be a headache.

Here’s what goes into a successful, smooth transition from one ERP business software to another – and how EBS Equipment Business Software Solutions can help.

Clean Data Conversion

It all starts with designing a personalized, streamlined conversion plan tailored to your company’s specific needs and business model. No two data conversion plans are the same. EBS staff will sit down with your organization and plan out the conversion process, factoring in any quirks or unique aspects about your business, to make sure the transition is smooth and effective. This ensures a seamless and accurate data conversion.

Total Employee Commitment to Success

In order for an equipment dealership management software conversion to go smoothly, every team member needs to be all in, fully dedicated to the success of the conversion. If the key decision-makers at the top of the organization are on board but the average employee isn’t, the chances of failure are high. That’s because every employee needs to be involved in the data conversion in some way in order for it to be successful.

If you don’t have 100% buy-in from your entire team before the start, make sure you do before you proceed any further. Listen to any concerns they may have and remedy them before taking steps to complete the conversion. Now is the time to hear them out, troubleshoot high-level issues, and prepare for the rest of the process.

Comprehensive Employee Training

EBS provides customized onsite, hands-on training for every department, from clerks to managers. Every employee needs to not only be invested in the success of the project, but well-versed in the new software. This boosts morale, supports the conversion process, and helps prevent unnecessary hiccups.

High Quality Ongoing Support

EBS’s technical and customer support staff are all highly trained and knowledgeable in the equipment dealer and distribution space. They also have accounting experience and training, so they can answer any client questions based on their well-rounded knowledge.

No matter how thoroughly an organization plans, they’ll always run into questions and issues during the conversion process. It’s crucial to be able to rely on ongoing customer support for guidance.

Seamless Implementation

EBS’s conversion staff is thoroughly committed to completing deliverables on time when preparing for the final checkpoint: the go-live date. At that point, it’s time to review and verify data from the conversion and to input any outstanding invoices. This will help the process go smoothly.

At EBS, our dedicated industry professionals have a long history of successful conversions using our proven implementation process. With a 100% on-time go live track record, we have never missed a go-live date. And we’re dedicated to maintaining your data integrity through every step of the software conversion.

eBS – [] is the leading software developer of 360° Equipment Business Management Systems since 1964. In addition to our comprehensive ERP, we also offer a full suite of mobile and web apps, business intelligence, plus an automated customer text and email communication dashboard.

Our smart, fully customizable software solution can run, manage, and automate every single department in an equipment company - in real time. Request a free demo today at or by calling (713) 939-1000.

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