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How Does the eBS Field Service Mobile Application Benefit Your Service and Maintenance Business?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

When equipment dealers and rental companies struggle to provide mobile service and maintenance to their customers, 9 times out of 10 it is for one of three reasons: either they are on an ineffective field service application that lacks functional automation and scalability, they are using an application not built specifically for their industry, or they are still utilizing an inefficient, dated paper-based system.

These scenarios give rise to various problems. Not only do customers get fed up, but the costs of repeated time and money waste add up quickly.

The eBS Field Service Mobile Application (FSMobile) is the perfect tool to resolve these problems by providing fast and easy back-to-back connectivity with technicians on-site and in the field.

What is FSMobile?

Field Service Mobile Application is a digital tool that enables the service manager or dispatch at an equipment dealership or rental company to maintain remote contact with the technician in the field. This essential tool works on various platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

It is a 360° mobile application specifically designed for technicians on duty. Upon signing in, a technician can see and work on various stats and information at their fingertips, such as view the task assigned to them, complete a work order, add parts, labor, or miscellaneous charges, complete a customized checklist, have the customer electronically sign and email invoice and receipt to customer along with any selected promotional or marketing materials. Field Technicians will also love the timesaving “speak to” notes feature built into the application.

In addition, the technician will have access to the timeframe needed to complete the project, along with the other relevant information such as customer details, previous work orders, GPS connectivity and electronic delivery of certain documents from customer’s end. Technician time is also recorded.

FSMobile is a super effective tool that can benefit all types of equipment dealers such as heavy machinery, fork lift business, air compressor, crane, material handling, construction industries and other utility equipment dealers providing mobile service and maintenance calls to their customers.

Benefits of FSMobile

1. Double Efficiency

FSMobile Field Service mobile application can help you organize everything according to the workflow at your organization. This helps eliminate faulty documentation, delay in service, and mishaps in financials. Everything can be automated and accounted for using the FSMobile application in real time.

2. Minimized Costs

Our simple to use, but technically sophisticated software gives you cost control with powerful insights into operation costs, fuel consumption by workers, mess charges on company's tab, spare hours detail and more.

3. No More Paperwork

Drowning in service and billing paperwork? Now is a good time to let go and go paperless in maintaining your service and other essential data.

With paperwork, there is always a chance of losing it, and an excel spreadsheet alone can't provide a functional, specialized solution. With the help of FSMobile tools, you can take care of all your essential business data at one place. You can interpret, manage or modify it accordingly and as needed.

4. Effective Scheduling and Assignment of Urgent Tasks

Having your technicians on the FSMobile software allows them to use GPS support to find and monitor needs for nearby orders to save time and resources. On your FSMobile application, all tasks are readily assigned to the workers or technicians as soon as they arrive. Everything is scheduled, and the technicians can focus on delivery of service and job completion.

Moreover, when an urgent task arises and there is an instant need for a technician, all of the available technicians are readily informed and anyone within closest range to the order can get there and get the job done ASAP.


eBS – [] is the leading software developer of 360° Equipment Business Management Systems since 1964.

Our smart, fully customizable software solution can run, manage, and automate every single department in an equipment company - in real time. Request a free demo today at or by calling (713) 939-1000.

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